LongoMatch OpenSource

The OpenSource project history

The LongoMatch open source project has been running steady since 2008, developed by Andoni Morales, Senior Developer of Fluendo, and it's been slowly growing a strong community of athletes, coaches, referees and video analysts.

Since 2014, Fluendo, the company behind LongoMatch, makes available the source code of specific parts of the application. This allows individuals or organizations to study or change this source code and make the proper contributions to the project, in order to improve our video analysis tool.

Legal Difference


All multimedia contents can be found in a number of different formats depending on the type of file and the owner of the format or the intellectual property. The formats in which these contents are available are protected by law in many countries: Strongly in countries USA, GERMANY, UK, JAPAN among others. The technology developed to allow computers and other devices decipher and interpret the information within these formats often comes with a fee that gives the user the right to compress/decompress the information and transform it into images and sounds.


Multimedia can be defined as any type of digital file which contains audio and video. Software like LongoMatch needs a player with codecs to enable it to playback these files. The codecs are pieces of software or components which translate the information into a language the device understands and can reproduce. This is a complex process involving the compression and decompression of the information contained in these files to adapt it to the computer or terminal that is being used to play them.

Licensing FOSS


The Free and Open source community gathers different types of Licenses, under which software is released. A software released under a FOSS licenses mainly means that you will get the source code of the software and will have open rights to use, copy, modify, distribute the software. Conditions apply to these rights in case of further distribution of the software. You will get much more information reading: wikipedia or gnu.org

The GPL license is one of the main licenses used to release LongoMatch open source project. You can get the details about it at: gnu.org

OpenSource VS LongoMatch PRO

The open source version gives you access to the source code of the application. Fluendo cannot guarantee technical support, neither for the patented multimedia software elements, like codecs, hardware acceleration, etc.

While the LongoMatch-PRO, with its proprietary license is backed by Fluendo, is much easier to install, a lot faster processing video among other features, and PRO users have advanced technical support.





Capture from IP, FireWire, USB, Webcam and HDMI
Video Conversion Tool
Export Playlists with transition titles
Live and post-game analysis
Review and export events live without stopping the recording
Customised events, events lists, views per location & unlimited timelines.
Customised dashboards and keyboard shortcuts
Live FullHD encoding
Zoom tool
Linked tagging buttons
Enhanced video quality (video acceleration support)
High Efficiency Video Coding support
Multi video
Video presentations of different projects editor NEW
Import RAW data from external sources
Export data in Excel format
Import XML from ORTEC
Import XML from other Video Analysis software
Statistics report
Professional Analysis Dashboards
1 dashboard per license


Dedicated agent
Live chat
Not guaranteed response
High priority response*
*Monday to Friday 9AM - 7PM (CET)

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Open Source users do not have guaranteed support. But they have access to the Forum, where issues can be opened, and these can be answered by other active OpenSource Forum users, or in some specific cases by Fluendo, even Fluendo itself cannot guarantee the response to OS users technical issues.

You can also find answers to some questions in the video tutorials and user guides, available in the Support section of this website.

OpenSource Project. Downloads

In this section you can download the latest version of LongoMatch's OpenSource Project, you must install the software and codecs pack to ensure proper operation, please follow the instructions below.

2. Download and install the codec pack

You must install the codec pack once the LongoMatch OpenSource installation has been completed, if you run the software before installing the codecs, a reminder to install it will be shown on screen.