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Analyse your video in three steps.

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Capture or import game footage.

With LongoMatch you can tag events and record games in real time using a webcam, a camera with a USB, IP or HDMI connection, or even with a tablet.

If you analyse a match in real time without a recording device, LongoMatch makes it easy to synchronise your tags with the video. You can also import videos straight from your computer.

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Analyse, add drawings to events and create playlists.

Set up your team and use or customise the analysis dashboard for your sport included in LongoMatch.

You can also create your own analysis dashboard. Mark and add drawings to all the events you want to save and add your own comments to events throughout the video.

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Share your video analysis and presentations with the players.

Review and share the video analysis with your team and create playlists or presentations that you can filter by type of event, player or game.

LongoMatch gives you advanced statistical reports, and what’s more, allows you to export data to Excel format for personalised analysis.

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Discover Tag2Win

Capture and tag your games using your tablet.
Now the power of LongoMatch anywhere!

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Designed to make video analysis easier
and improve your team's tactics.


Use LongoMatch to analyse a multitude of team sports.



LongoMatch can be installed on multiple operating systems and its files are cross-platform compatible.

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