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Become an Authorized LongoMatch Certification Centre and set your courses apart in the crowded sports education program market.


Sports Video Analysis is becoming increasingly important to improve performance of both athletes and teams and that’s why it has become a key subject in the syllabus of many advanced sports education programs.

The LongoMatch Certification Program reflects our mission of democratizing video analysis amongst sports enthusiasts, either amateurs or professionals, by developing an ecosystem of Authorized Certification Centers where students can increase and validate their knowledge in video analysis.

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These are our LongoMatch Certified Professionals


What do we offer to the Authorized Certification Centers?



LongoMatch is a well-known video analysis tool with a customer base of more than 10,000 people who are seeking for a way to validate their knowledge on LongoMatch.



Offering a structured certification program will increase the center’s awareness and credibility amongst the sports community. In addition, LongoMatch will promote the courses developed by its Authorized Certification Centers through its website and communication channels.



The LongoMatch team gives its Authorized Certification Centers the freedom to include the LongoMatch syllabus in their sport programs, providing balance to the rest of the topics discussed during the course.


What are the benefits for the Students?



By getting the LongoMatch Certification, students will increase their expertise in VAS (new features, new use cases, etc.). Even for a current LongoMatch user with years of experience using the tool, the certification program will make sure to take advantage of its knowledge and skills.



The LongoMatch Certification program will accredit them as Certified Professionals which will add robustness in their resume. This credential shows their commitment and interest in performance analysis in sports and is, without a doubt, a way to stand out from peers.



The LongoMatch Certification program is structured in 3 different levels - Beginner, Advanced & Professional - which allows students to evolve progressively according to their professional needs and objectives.


LongoMatch Certification Levels

LEVEL longomatch certificate longomatch certificate longomatch certificate
STUDENT PROFILE Amateur coaches / sport analysts who want to take their first steps in sports video analysis. Amateur coaches / sport analysts who regularly resort to video analysis to improve their club’s performance. Professional coaches / sport analysts who use video analysis tools in their daily work routine.
KNOWLEDGE ACQUIRED Students will learn the basic features of LongoMatch to generate and work with simple video projects. Students will be able to perform a thorough video analysis of a match, and generate detailed reports and statistics on any environment. Students will excel in the use of LongoMatch, being able to generate a complex video analysis of a match and share it with their team or community.
EXAM Examination is not mandatory, however, the Authorized Certification Center can make the decision to examine its students. Mandatory. The test will be performed by the Authorized Certification Center. Mandatory. The test will be performed by the Authorized Certification Center.
DURATION Minimum Minimum 3 hours Minimum Minimum 10 hours Minimum Minimum 30 hours

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