Distribution Program

LongoMatch is willing to partnership with you to help your customers to improve their sport performance!

LongoMatch’s objective is to democratize video analysis among sports lovers whether they are professionals or amateurs.

LongoMatch PRO is a multi-sport & multi-platform video analysis tool which is focused on:


    LongoMatch features helps athletes and coaches to get relevant information in an easier and faster way.


    LongoMatch allows to store, edit, and create performance presentations of a team/athlete based on an historical performance database.


    LongoMatch is able to combine different video sources, taken from different devices and integrate specific match/individuals information.

We help sports lovers to focus on data that matters to TAKE BETTER DECISIONS!

What does LongoMatch offers to its Distributors?

The LongoMatch proposal for the Distributor Program members is... FREEDOM!

Freedom to negotiate the final price according to your client willingness to pay: LongoMatch offers the best "FEATURES vs PRICE" ratio compared to other main market competitors tools. This will lead you to get a very interesting commission for each sale done!

Freedom to offer your clients the licensing option that better fits their budget.

Freedom to set up your agenda and become your own boss.

LongoMatch wants to empower its distributors to democratize sports video analysis.

LongoMatch will be responsible for creating a Distributor Account from where they will be able to activate the licenses required by his customers in a simple, transparent and fast manner.

LongoMatch will provide its distributors the necessary training and sales pitch to present the benefit, and the technical features of our tool, therefore emphasizing its ADDED VALUE.

LongoMatch will be responsible for providing the technical support to End Users, therefore helping Distributors on focusing in its selling activity.

LongoMatch will be responsible for providing its Distributors with an invoice tracking and reporting on a monthly basis to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

Which is the LongoMatch Distributor profile?

We are looking for sports enthusiasts with a good networking of professional and amateur clubs and with interest on digital tools applied to sports.

Our Distributors must excel in presenting our solution from both aspects, technical and commercial. We also expect our Distributors to be able to provide a first level support to End Users which basically will consist on helping them on usability questions of the application.

Since Longomatch wants to set up a long lasting relationship with its Distributors, Respect, Responsibility and Commitment are the desired skills in their profile.

If you are interested on democratizing Video Analysis in Sports and be part of a motivated and growing team, contact us through If you are interested on democratizing Video Analysis in Sports and be part of a motivated and growing team, contact us through distributors@longomatch.com