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Founded in 2004 in Barcelona, Fluendo is a leading company of multimedia legal software solutions, developed under the GStreamer platform for multiple devices and operating systems.

In 2014, Fluendo acquires the video sports analysis tool LongoMatch, reaffirming its leadership in the multimedia market.

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About LongoMatch

LongoMatch starts as an open source project developed by one of the Fluendo Senior Developers in 2008, and it creates a loyal community of users (Athletes, coaches, referees and video analysts) contributing to its growth.

In 2014, Fluendo acquires the commercialization & development rights of LongoMatch, the multi-sports & multi-platform video analysis software that allows users to analyse real-time their games. Fluendo is, therefore, the company currently responsible for the development and release of new versions of LongoMatch PRO, and the maintenance of the OpenSourceversion.

In 2013 was nominated as one of the top 10 sports analysis systems in the world, in the Performance Video Analysis Software Guide. LongoMatch has today more than 8000 users of different sports worldwide.

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