Superbowl LVII analysis

Feb. 16, 2023, 1:57 p.m.

Superbowl LVII analysis

On Sunday, the final of Super Bowl Edition LVII was played at Farm State Stadium, in the city of Glendale, Arizona. The Kansas City Chiefs faced the Philadelphia Eagles.

We give you the keys to why the Chiefs won Super Bowl LVII.

Analysts predicted a very close game, with good offenses on both sides and the scoreboard. Individual duels.

Patrick Mahomes (27 years old), knows what it means to win a Super Bowl, we could compare him to Messi, because of his influence on the game. Unbalanced, unpredictable, strategist, the outcome of the game will depend on how he uses the associations with his offense. We will see how he makes the most of Kelce (87); Smith-Shuster (9), Pacheco (10) and Toney (19).

The surprise of the season is Jalen Hunts (24 years old) quarterback, his first Super Bowl final, with a lot of mobility, likes to carry the ball, is strong in individual duels, good arm for long passes, not so influential individually, in the outcome of the game. He will command the offenses using running backs Kennect Gainwell (14) and Mike Sanders (26). And receivers DeVonta Smith (6) and AJ Brown (11).

The first dangerous action comes after a 4'36" possession at the KC 3-yard line, 3rd and 3 to go.

Hurts, decides to go on the ground, using their running back Kennect Gainwell(14), receives the ovoid from Hurts, breaks to the right to sneak through the back of the closed wing, Jack Stoll(89), Eagles touchdown, the special teams would contribute the extra point to put the partial: Eagles 7-Chiefs 0.

The second play to analyze is the Kansas City TD after bringing the ball from their 25 yard line with 8 downs (4 through the air short passes and 4 on the ground) to start the offense from the Eagles 18 yard line.

Mahome (15) chooses a pro-sel formation (almost stuck to his center, directly the ball in his hand) for an air offense, fakes pass to Pacheco (10) and executes a 20-yard pass to his right, to his tight end Travis Kelce (87).

Travis Kelce (87), breaks away from CJ Garner-Johnson (23), on the outside, to connect on Mahomes (QB) send, pass complete and touchdown (TD) Kansas. Eagles 7-7 Chiefs.

The first quarter could be closed in favor of the Chiefs, but Harrison Butker (7), missed the field goal in their favor, a point in favor of the Eagles' defense, putting the Chiefs' special teams under pressure.

The second quarter would be Philadelphia's moment

Kickoff reception and 25-yard kickoff, Philadelphia, takes the offense all the way to the 46-yard line. Hurts decides to go with a spread formation, Jalen Hurts (1) decides to go through the air and his offensive line, led by Jason Kelce (62), gives him time and space to get a 50-yard bomb.

AJ Brown (11), his receiver, leaks down the diagonal, between defenders Trent Mc Duffie (22) and La'Mical Perine (21)) to catch the pass from his quarterback and score, Eagles touchdown, special teams would kick the extra point to put the game Eagles 14-Chiefs 7. It would be the only long pass of the game.

To me here is the momentum of the game, I think had this not happened the outcome of the game would have been different.

Kansas City was being dominated in the game, both offensively and defensively. Hunts starts a 49-yard offensive play, chooses to go on the ground, withstands the pressure and a space opens up, which he decides to exploit and plays a duel against the defensive runner, Tyram Mathiew(S), this causes Hurts to lose the ball (fumble) which is recovered by Mathiew himself, who crosses the touchdown line, to tie the game. Eagles 14-14 Chiefs. This is the first serious QB error, allowing to get out of a complex moment for Kansas, prize for the very attentive Kansas defense.

Hurts from villain to hero, redeems himself for his mistake and Philadelphia regained the lead!

With two minutes to end the 2nd quarter and about to lose the position an error of the Kansas defense gives them the down, they needed to continue with the possession of the ball, error of the Kansas defense from there Hurts after a serious error of the Kansas defense, Darrik Nnadi (91), moves before, committing the foul.

Jalen Hurts took advantage of a first-and-goal opportunity, carrying the ball leaking through the hole opened for him by Jason Kelce (62) to cross the touchdown line, the extra point was also favorable, to put the Eagles back ahead 21-14.

After the two-minute break, Mahomes, attempts a ground offensive snap but is tackled by TJ Edwars (57) and hurts his right ankle, The quarterback had to retreat to the bench and the Chiefs lose possession, having to opt for a clearing kick.

With 23 seconds on the clock, Philadelphia made it to the Kansas 19-yard line to get into field goal range. With just four seconds on the clock, Jalen Hurts called a timeout for the special teams entry to score three more points.

Philadelphia, going into halftime, with a 10-point lead, dominating the action of the game. Eagles 24-14 Chiefs.

After the halftime show, Mahome is back for the first offensive series of the third quarter!

Injured or not so much, Patrick Mahome uses all his artillery to put Kansas in the end zone, using ground-air combinations, changes the offensive circuit with Travis Kelce and switches to running back Isiah Pacheco (10); Jerry McKinnon(1), receiver Skyy Moore, the Chiefs, to get into the end zone.

Again on the ground Mahomes passes the ball to Pacheco, who penetrates the defense through the open channel by Brown Jr (57), McKinnon (1) and Smith (65), to score his touchdown. Eagles 24-21 Chiefs.

A Philadelphia offense positions them in field goal range at the Kansas City 21-yard line. Philadelphia chooses to take advantage of the opportunity and scores a field goal stretching the score to 27 - 21. Smart decision to score points, because they no longer had the power on the field.

Kansas City, takes control of the game first offensive series of the fourth quarter!

Mahomes in the end zone takes the play, his offense gives him the time to scan the options, Toney(LB) makes a simple reversible, to get free from the defender, to be alone and receive a complete pass to his hands, to enter walking to the touchdown line, Touchdown Chiefs, Eagles 27-27 Chiefs. After the effective special teams conversion to put Kansas City ahead for the first time by 1. Eagles 27-28 Chiefs.

Kansas, unstoppable stretches the gap!

Philadelphia, this knock out, and Kansas strikes again. Mahomes started a new offensive series, from the Philadelphia 4 yard line, again his linemen protect him and give him time and space, he throws a short pass to the left, where he finds Moore free to receive without a mark, he could increase his score to 35 units.

Philadelphia recovered points!

Jalen Hurts, tries with aerial offenses to bring back the Eagles, with a long pass to Smith, Hurts managed to put the ball in the Chiefs' two yard line. Again Hurts, would take the ball behind the touchdown line to tie the game again. Eagles 35-35 Chiefs.

Uncertain ending, but possession goes to Kansas!

Patrick Mahome takes over the last Kansas offense, game tied, goes through yard after yard with a conservative play without risking anything, and most importantly consuming seconds of the clock, he gets to the field goal zone with only 10 seconds left on the clock.

Harrison Butker's redemption would come, he jumps on the field to take the most important field goal attempt of his life, the ball comes off the line, it is accommodated and Harrison kicks, the ovoid goes through the middle of the posts, Chiefs field goal. Eagles 35-38 Chiefs.

Jalen Hurts, who failed to do anything with eight seconds left on the clock, and Kansas City wins Super Bowl LVII.

Mahones was decisive in the result, especially in commanding his offense, never going out of the game plan, efficiently using each of his resources to the best advantage, choosing well at key moments, taking advantage of the great work of his offensive line. But the most important thing was the courage to return from injury to lead his team to victory.

Claudio Brandolini
HLR Analysis