Who's going to win the big game?

2017年12月19日 15:19

Who's going to win the big game?

The big game is here!

Who's going to win the match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF this weekend?

Participate in our sweepstake and win an annual license of LongoMatch Starter!

Visit our Facebook page, 'share' our post and tell us which you think would be the final result of the Barcelona-Real Madrid match; if you're right, you will enjoy a free annual license of the best video analysis tool of the market!

Terms and conditions:

The sweepstake is suitable for all LongoMatch fans on Facebook and for our Twitter followers. If you don't click on 'like' our Facebook page or follow our Twitter profile, your entry won't be valid.

Entries from other social media sites won't be valid.

One person can only participate once. If one person submits multiple entries, only the first entry will be valid.

You will be able to participate until Saturday 23rd December 2017 at 10.00 am Central European Time (CET). Any entry submitted after 10.00 on December 23th won't be valid.

To win, you have to get right the result. If you are only close, it won't be valid.

There will be only one winner and this will be the first person to share on his/her social media profile the post with his/her prediction of the match, or he/she can also RT the image writing down the expected result. We will look at the time you shared your post, if you were the first one to share it and the answer was right, we will contact you via private message on Facebook or Direct message on Twitter.

If there are a couple of persons who have guessed the right result, we select whoever made his/her entry first.

We will announce the winner on Wednesday 27th December 2017.

If you are the winner and don't claim your price after 7 after we contacted you, we will give the price to the next person that got the right result. In case no other person got the result right, the price won't be delivered.

If you are already a LongoMatch Starter or LongoMatch PRO user, we will add the LongoMatch Starter year to your account.

The price is personal and non-transferable.

If you participate and win this sweepstake, you agree to provide us your email address and you give your consent so that we post on our social media sites your name as the winner.

Good luck!