The importance of second line arrivals when aiming to score from the side

2017年12月15日 14:07

The importance of second line arrivals when aiming to score from the side

When a team reaches the goal line it is used to finding spaces in the exterior areas of the field. Nowadays, we can see a style of football in which the lateral defenders are responsible for providing amplitude of attack and executing the last pass for their teammates to score a goal.

The defending team is used to defending itself from the players that remain in the goal area with a man to man marking strategy. The defence has a tendency to have a corporal orientation centred exclusively on the ball or on the rival player, without having a peripheral vision of where it can be attacked from.

Therefore, the offensive team must perfectly execute some movements to free spaces and occupy them. Here are a few key points of how to successfully solve this game situation:

  • Rational occupation of the area of the attackers who are in positions to score a goal to therefore create spaces and give amplitude to the team.
  • The attacking players located within the goal area must unmark themselves inside the area. They must make movements to drag their marks. The player moves to create a space for his teammate.
  • The receiving player may come from the distance or from the opposite side of the field. He will try to surprise without capturing the attention.
  • The player sends the ball to a free space where the player shooting towards the goal line will appear. The pass should not be aimed at the man, but to a space that will be occupied.
  • In situations of counterattack with spaces to progress, it is easier to arrive from behind the players farther to the ball, because the defensive help takes longer to arrive.

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