Webinar with José Herrera

2018年7月25日 12:55

Webinar with José Herrera

Last June 26, we had an amazing coaching session with José Herrera, analyst with the UDG Tenerife Egatesa and LongoMatch Ambassador.

José is an analyst with ample international experience in countries such as the United States, Bermuda and Sweden, among others, and who’s also worked for prestigious football clubs such as Valencia CF, FC Barcelona and CD Tenerife.

Over 56 people from all around the world attended this webinar, all of them professionals and sports-lovers who shown a genuine interest in the different topics addressed by the speaker.

José talked about several topics, all of them exciting:

  1. Functions of an analyst inside a professional team in the Iberdrola league
  2. How to carry out analyses
  3. How to organize the recording and what they are
  4. The communication inside the technical team and the coach
  5. Time distribution in analysis task throughout a competition week

José Herrera also gave several examples of the reports he makes for the coach and the players. These reports are both written documents and videos. To conclude, José showed us different designs for performed tasks depending on the playing model.

Here you can watch the entire video (in Spanish):