Introducing Tag2Win, the power of LongoMatch now in a Mobile App

2016年5月12日 16:57

Introducing Tag2Win, the power of LongoMatch now in a Mobile App


Fluendo is proud to announce the new LongoMatch version release 1.3 and along with it the release of the new LongoMatch mobile app: Tag2Win.

The power of LongoMatch now anywhere!

Click on the image to what the Tag2Win presentation video in 1 minute:


Tag2Win allows simultaneous live video capture and match tagging. The App creates a video analysis project that can be later imported in LongoMatch PRO or OpenSource.


Easy and intuitive!

Tag2Win uses the same analysis dashboards and teams as the desktop version of LongoMatch so coaches and performance analysts can use the same dashboards they are used to, saving time and making it easier to work with.


Synchronize your files for a more detailed analysis


Synchronization is easy and quick with the plugin Sync2Desk. Once the plugin license is activated, projects can be imported using iTunes® and opened later in LongoMatch PRO or OpenSource.


Tag2Win is available for iOS and can be downloaded for free from Apple’s App Store®.


Fluendo is planning to release the Android version on the last quarter of 2016.

The version 1.3 release includes the required set up on the license to use the plugin Sync2Desk which allows synchronization of projects and files between the Tag2Win and LongoMatch PRO or OpenSource. Sync2Desk has no cost for LongoMatch PRO users and LM OpenSource users need to buy it for a total cost of 24,95 €/year. Sync2Desk can be purchased on LongoMatch’s website.

Bugs fixed on version 1.3

  • Fixed crash closing a project or presentation with a detached window.
  • Fixed error in the events filter, that was hidden newly created events.
  • Fixed crash using a 16bits depth screen in Windows.
  • Added support detaching video window in presentations.

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