Herman De Landtsheer, analyst for the National A-Team in Belgium

2018年6月6日 14:58

Herman De Landtsheer, analyst for the National A-Team in Belgium

1. How did you start your career as video analyst? Briefly explain your experience:

I started my career in KAA Gent, a first division club in Belgium, a year later I went with the coach to Sporting Lokeren OV, where I stayed 5 years. After this club I went to Club Brugge KV where I stayed 1 year, I stopped there to start a fulltime job at the Belgian Football Federation.

I started my career as video analyst for the National A-Team in 2010 and I did 3 years the combination of national team – 1st division club (Last 2 years of Sp. Lokeren OV and the year in Club Brugge KV)
I work now 8 years for the National A-Team in Belgium.

2. What are your expectations for next World Cup? Which National Teams are the most complicated from your point of view?

My expectations are very positive for this World Cup because now we can go to Russia with a professional team for analyzing our opponents. I’m now the head of analysis of a team of 3 video analysts and a team of 6 scouts.
The most complicated national teams are the teams that use a lot of players and always change the players in the team and the system to play.

3. What objectives does the Belgian team have for the next World Cup?

We go to Russia to get the best result, it’s everyone’s dream to be the World champion. But we also know that it won’t be that easy, our mentality is: Now or never.

4. During the season, you have several moments where you don’t personally interact with the players of the National Team as the players are with their respective teams. How do you manage this situation?

In that period we don’t have contact with the players, it’s only the coach who does this while doing his scouting work. Because I work fulltime for the Belgian Federation I can use this period to analyze our coming opponents and to organize the scouting.

5. Prior to the kick off of the World Cup, how do you perform the analysis of the rival teams?

The analysis of an opponent is a process of different elements:

-First I download the games on a video plateform (WyScout)

-Then I download the info of the teams and match reports and/or other reports

-After that I can start analyzing all these games with Longomatch Pro

-Then I study on the scout reports of our opponents

-Then I make my conclusions and sit together with the coach to discuss the teams

6. How do you decide who are the players eligible to play in the National team?

That’s more the job of the Head Coach, who follows up all the Belgian players in Belgium and abroad.

7. When you have a tournament with the national Team, how do you organize the video analysis tasks?

I try to do most of the work before the tournament, but when we are on the tournament I’ll give specific jobs to my team of analysts. I do the tactical analysis part of our own team and the opponent, one has to analyze the set pieces and training sessions and another one the analysis of the individual qualities of the players.

8. What is the role of LongoMatch for your team’s preparation for the World Cup?

Longomatch is the software we use for all our National Teams in Belgium, and because there’s a lot of analysis to do it has an important role in Russia.

9. Do you dare to make a prediction of the upcoming World Cup?

· Winner of the World Cup: Germany

· Revelation team: Belgium

· Best player: Kevin De Bruyne

· Best Goalkeeper: Thibaut Courtois