Tagging by zone with LongoMatch

Oct. 18, 2018, 11:38 a.m.

Tagging by zone with LongoMatch

Tagging by Zone

It doesn’t matter if we are analyzing our team or the rival’s, it’s always very important to make the most out of what we are observing. We mustn’t miss any details in the action and we always should be able to carry out thorough analyses to really understand what has happened.

This is why today we would like to talk about one of the most useful practices in LongoMatch: Tagging by Zone. Tagging events by zone will help you identify the physical areas where the actions took place.

LongoMatch allows you to add three images to your analysis panel: two of them of the field, pitch or court, and one more of the goal, basket or final objective zone.

During the analysis we can associate the different buttons in the analysis panel so as to tag this physical zone. We can use an arrow to describe the trajectory of the ball, a pass or a shoot to goal, or we may use a dot to identify the place where we lost the ball, where we recovered it, or where we fouled or were fouled.

The goal, basket or objective is also an interesting area to mark to identify, for instance, where the shoots came from. Tagging all these actions can help us get a general overview of the zones where we are strong at, where we need to improve, the places our passes or shots are directed to, etc. We can later check these actions by clicking on the arrow or dot to get the description of what has happened.

Here we leave you a tutorial so you can configure your analysis panel to tag the actions by zone.

Don’t miss the opportunity of carrying out professional tactical analyses with LongoMatch.