Looking for the Spaces in between

Aug. 9, 2018, 1:51 p.m.

Looking for the Spaces in between

In football, creating situations to be able to attack is very important to have the upper hand against the rival. Teams are better prepared than ever before to defend and physically they’re in great shape to counteract rival attacks. This is why a good offensive organization could bring about valuable opportunities to overcome the rival

In this article we will focus on the tactical analysis of attacking phases. We will put special attention to players having good amplitude and depth to occupy as many spaces as they can, placing themselves among many players and forcing the rival to move from one space to the other.

In attack, not having ownership of the space, may cause the plays to be foreseeable and easy to defend; passes may be to horizontal and the game might lack verticality so the team might end up stuck without finding a way to progress towards the goal, as we can observe in the following images.

En nuestro análisis de las jugadas entre líneas, destacamos dos situaciones:

  • Play between lines with midfielders. These players are in charge of building the attack plays, but the first to start building them are the players in the defensive line. To be able to find the midfielders free, it is important to move the ball quickly from one side to the other to break the rival’s defensive dribble and, if they have spaces to progress in the vertical conduction, they should draw the rival defenders and free the teammates behind. The midfielders must know how to move to open spaces and place themselves behind the defenders’ back to make him hesitate between moving forward and be able to receive or leave the spaces to the defenders to progress.

  • Play between attack lines. These players are responsible for finish up the plays and may encounter spaces between their rival’s line of midfielders and their defensive line. If they manage to receive in this position they may go and defend their zone and free more space behind their backs so other teammate takes advantage of the space between lines.

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