Set-piece actions make the difference in the Saudi Football League

Jan. 25, 2017, 3:56 p.m.

Set-piece actions make the difference in the Saudi Football League

Born in León in 1988, young coach David Martínez, who started his career in Villarreal’s club, now helps Juan Carlos Garrido managing the well-known Saudi Premier League team: Ettifaq. It was the first team to obtain an international title, the Arab Champions League. Both coaches have set out to imprint methodology and character to their international title winning team. Since this last season, they use LongoMatch PRO to support their strategy.

- How did you start working at Ettifac F.C.?

Through recommendation of a member of the technical team of Fran Rijkaard, who was the previous coach for the Saudi Arabia team.

- What has been your experience in the football world?

I was a football player myself. I have been member of clubs like Real Sporting of Gijón, Real Madrid and Levante UD. I was also coach for the base football team of Villarreal CF.

- How did you start in the video-analysis discipline?

My main role is to be the assistant coach, so one of my responsibilities is to know the maximum amount of details of our rivals, and to achieve that, I must perform a exhaustive analysis.

- How would you define your collaboration with Juan Carlos Garrido?

We completely trust each other, both in personal and professional aspects. Specially, when it comes to guiding the team and developing a player to perform certain actions in the game which we plan based on the facts we previously studied from our rivals.

- Which are your main goals leading Ettifaq?

We are ambitious, but we have to be coherent and think through match by match, looking to improve our techniques in order to achieve positive results. We implement an organized and planned working methodology, and we want to develop a game strategy appropriate to the club’s history and its players. To achieve this, we crave to succeed at selecting talented players.

- How important is video-analysis in terms of preparing the team and the football matches?

I think that the information you get from video-analysis helps you to know the strenghts and weaknesses of the opponent. Information has to be exhaustively analyzed to make the most profit of it. In my opinion, it is essential to filter the information that you really want AND to discard the non-relevant data.

- How long have you been using LongoMatch PRO by Fluendo?

Since this last season 2016-2017. Before I used a different software of analysis.

- Why you decided to make this change?

LongoMatch PRO is a really intuitive program, which has the necessary tools to focus in the most relevant information and avoid distractions.

- Which grade of implementation has this type of analysis in Arabia Saudi?

Middle East is a market which is expanding quickly, in every way.

- In which aspects do you focus when you perform an analysis?

Basically, we look for game principles, both in offense and defense, through all of their phases. Another important element are set-pieces actions, which make a big difference in Saudi Arabia. From my point of view as a coach, football is a sport that requires focus in every little detail, no matter how insignificant it seems; at a later stage these details can make a big difference for a team. This is the reason why video-analysis is so useful.