LongoMatch Mobile is now available for Android and iOS phones and tablets!

Aug. 22, 2018, 8:56 a.m.

LongoMatch Mobile is now available for Android and iOS phones and tablets!

Good things are worth waiting for -and LongoMatch Mobile is the perfect example of this. Over the past few months, we’ve worked super hard to bring to you the first Android and iOS video analysis mobile app in the market and we’re very happy with the result; we hope that, once you try it, you are too.

We can now say that the power of LongoMatch is available on any device and fully functional across operating systems. We’ve paired this with a simple and elegant interface that will allow coaches, analysts and athletes to better evaluate their performance while they are on-the-go.

So, what exactly can you do with LongoMatch?

Put in short, you can create and edit projects, teams, dashboards and perform an analysis directly from your mobile device. You can also share projects seamlessly between your LongoMatch desktop and mobile version. Last but not least, you can also import Sporstcode projects as well as import and export to XML format.

Basically, we want you to have the most complete video analysis experience when you are on the field.

But, let’s get have a look at every feature.

What can you do with LongoMatch Mobile?

From the left menu you can access, create and edit your Projects, Teams and Dashboards.

To create your first project, select the input method, add your teams and add the analysis dashboard based on your sport.

To create, edit or remove your projects, go to the left menu and click on ‘Projects’:

To create, edit or remove teams, go to the left menu and click on ‘Teams’. You can add as many teams as you want and insert the details of each of the players:

You can also create and edit your dashboards the same way you do on LongoMatch desktop:

One of the other features that LongoMatch offers is the seamless synchronization between the mobile and desktop versions. You can share projects between platforms for a hassle-free experience.

What is the difference between the Freemium and Premium versions of LongoMatch Mobile?

LongoMatch mobile is free but limited. You can create 1 project with unlimited events and you can use your device to capture video or import from the library.

With the Premium version you can create unlimited projects, teams and dashboards. You can also sync projects between the Mobile and Desktop versions and finally, you can import projects from Sportscode and import/export from and to XML.

How much is the Premium version of LongoMatch Mobile?

You can get the Premium version by subscribing for 9,99€ per month or save 20€ by getting the yearly plan for 99€. LongoMatch Mobile is available for purchase at our website. If you are a PRO user of the Desktop version, you will enjoy the app for free.

What happens if I am a Tag2Win and Sync2Desk user?

If you purchased Sync2Desk in the last months, do not worry, we’ll get in touch with you shortly to give you more information and offer you a very kind discount on LongoMatch Mobile for you to try it out J

How can I know if my device is compatible?

If you are at the corresponding App Store (Android or iOS) and you can see and click on the download button, then your device is compatible. If the button is disabled, your device won’t be able to run LongoMatch.

Remember that if you have questions, comments or if you are experiencing some technical hiccups, you can contact us at support@LongoMatch.com.

See you next time!