LongoMatch 1.9 now available!

Sept. 28, 2021, 4:17 p.m.

LongoMatch 1.9 now available!

We are really happy and proud to announce that the new LongoMatch version is finally out!! We know that's what you've been waiting for... because you asked for it, so here you have it! 

Wanna know what's new? Keep reading!




The drawing tool is now smooth and has a new look and feel.

As you may know, we are constantly working on improving our software to make it the best one for our users. This includes the drawing tool! Small changes but the best is yet to come! ;-)

You can now edit your events drawings from the Presentations Tool.

Did it ever happen to you that you were creating your presentation with all the cuts from your game and realized that the drawing you did could be different? Now you have to go back to your projects, look for that specific event, delete the drawing and create a new one… NOT ANYMORE! Now you can select the event and edit the drawings in it. But be aware! This will not change the original project! Will only affect the presentation :-) 

You will be able now to see the game score per each period in the statistics panel.

With the previous version, you could only see the total scores from the whole game even if you selected the periods view. Now you can see the scores for each period or quarter. 





We have added a text box to filter your game events by name and also added the player's name into the player's alignment. 

Here you can see two minor changes but that will make everything much easier! We understand that it is faster to find specific events if you can look for it using the search icon. You can filter them by the name now! 

We also added the name of the player into the player’s alignment so it’s easier to recognize who you’re assigning the action to!



The team lineup will now have better color visualization.

With the previous version, if you selected a white t-shirt for your players, you couldn’t see the number properly as they were also white.. But that’s not a problem anymore! Now LongoMatch detects the t-shirt color and changes the number :-)


You can now modify the text size in your dashboard buttons.

Insert zonal tags by just clicking on the desired zone (no more click&drag!)

This sounds like really good news, am I right? No more click and drag! Where is the dot? I can’t see it! Well… Now you can just tag it with a click! Amazing!


And last but never least… we have solved minor issues to improve your LongoMatch experience!