LongoMatch 1.2 Release: powerful and intuitive like never before!

March 11, 2016, 5:17 p.m.

LongoMatch 1.2 Release: powerful and intuitive like never before!

We are thrilled to announce today that the new LongoMatch Release 1.2 is now available!

This release includes significant enhancements, and great new functionality like the presentations feature which will significantly improve the video presentations you can share with your team and colleagues. Your video analysis work will be easier than ever thanks to the new buttons design and also to the new team and dashboards importer.

Presentations professional and complete like never before.

This amazing new feature, only available for the PRO version, includes a presentation manager where you can have all your presentations listed and organize them, but also create new ones, modify details and even duplicate them.
The search tool allows you to find the projects from which you want to select the events, seasons, competitions and teams from.
By using the timeline you can create a video presentation to share it and review it with your team.
To even make it more professional you can add external images or videos to customize your presentations so these can have your personal stamp.

See the video tutorial:Presentations Manager.

Making your video analysis job easier and faster.

As we knew that the work of creating a team was a bit of a pain and took you a lot of time, now it's a piece of a cake thanks to the Team Manager, this new feature will easily allow you to import team files created by others or share yours with your colleagues.
And that's exactly what we have also done with the Dashboard Manager, now you can import or export your analysis dashboards in just three clicks.

See the video tutorial: Working with Dashboards

See the video tutorial: Working with Teams

New icons design, more intuitive and simple.

intuitive-video-analysis-toolWe want our software to be as user friendly as possible, and this is exactly why we have updated the design of our buttons and icons, so users better understand the possibilities that LongoMatch offers and how to work with it instinctively.

And many other improvements...
new NoSQL database solution has been implemented that improves the system speed when working with templates and projects.
We have improved the grouping of subcategory tags in Excel files (PRO).
And now you can add all the events of a category to a playlist with a single clip.

And finally we have been working to fix some bugs, which are:

  • Improvement on the stats window resize (PRO).
  • Fixed the problem when importing an ORTEC file (PRO).
  • Fixed the import of some SportsCode files (PRO).
  • Fixed the export process when an event had several drawings.
  • Fixed the error when a multi camera project had a video file missing (PRO).
  • Fixed the error when "Show project Stats" had no events to show.

If you have any doubts or questions please feel free to contact us at: contact@longomatch.com