LongoMatch 1.7 now available

Oct. 10, 2020, 8:15 p.m.

LongoMatch 1.7 now available

We believe that people depend on the content that delivers, and businesses depend on their software to perform. We are proud to say that the LongoMatch team has spent this year releasing important new features and helping our customers strengthen their analysis's performance and reliability. Those are the challenges that we focus on allow us to build loyal, lifelong users.

LongoMatch is pleased to announce the release of LongoMatch 1.7, now available in the LongoMatch Customer Portal. LongoMatch 1.7 adds several new features and general improvements to enhance overall usability.

What’s new in version 1.7:

  • Capacity to log in with your credentials to activate your LongoMatch license.
  • Get visual feedback as a new event is created.
  • Now the autosave function is always activated.
  • Horizontal scrolling was added to the presentations.
  • Delete the presentation clips with a simple click.
  • Enhanced drawing tool with Live analysis videos. 
  • Increased performance for video rendering.
  • Support for Mac OS Catalina and support for Windows OS 64-bits.
  • General improvements and fixes.

General improvements and fixes.


LongoMatch 1.7 is available free of charge for all the LongoMatch users. Upgrade to LongoMatch 1.7 and start using the newest features.

 To evaluate LongoMatch 1.7, download our demo version from the LongoMatch Download Area. If you have problems accessing the download portal, please email support@longomatch.com