Interview with Chan Yuen-Ting: First female coach ever in the Hong Kong Premier League

April 5, 2016, 5:13 p.m.

Interview with Chan Yuen-Ting: First female coach ever in the Hong Kong Premier League

Chan Yuen-Ting is already part of the Asian football history. The case of Chan Yuen-ting is unusual for her youth as a coach and for being the first woman to manage a football team in the Premier League of Hong Kong and she is using LongoMatch to analyse the Eastern games, the club she is coach of. She has never been a professional footballer and, perhaps because of her lack of experience, confesses that she always keeps close communication with her players and coaching staff.

This is an interview with her, talking about her unique experience and how LongoMatch has contributed to her success.

LM: Being the first female coach in Hong Kong football history, do you see yourself as a reference for other women willing to follow your steps?

CYT: I have many female friends who are also full time football coaches. The difference between us is just that we teach different football enthusiasts. I believe that there is still a lot of room in terms of football for all kinds of football coaches to develop and my little achievement could enhance the confidence of women football coaches.

LM: What is it like to be a woman, in this male-dominated sport and most specifically in your role as a coach?

CYT: There is no sexual discrimination in terms of training program designed and strategy planning. Females with inborn carefulness which make female has a stronger observability than males. Yet, females have to pay more efforts on management and communication with the footballers.

LM: What are the biggest professional challenges have you had to face in your career?

CYT: Although this is my 6th professional football season , I have to admit that I am still lack of experiences. Most of the football coaches were professional footballers before but i am not. Moreover, I am still green in football field and hence, the biggest professional challenge to me would be experiences. Yet, because of this reason, I always keep a tight communication with my footballers and coaches, listening to their opinions and would accept their suggestions whenever possible.

LM: What is your general tactics methodology and how important do you think a video analysis tool is to achieve it?

CYT: I will be at the football field, doing observations and some notes. Most importantly, I will record the matches for analysis. Before every competition, I will let my footballers to know the advantages and disadvantages of their competitors with our corresponding strategy. Furthermore, after every competition, I will use the video analysis to do evaluations with my footballers.

LM: How important do you believe technology is within football?

CYT: Technology is not equal to football. Yet, technology improves football. For footballers, with technology such as fitness test, heart rate monitor and covered distance, coaches can have a full picture of the footballers’ performances which coaches could provide more accurate improving suggestions to the footballers.

For competitions, with technology such as passing rate and crossing successful rate, coaches can fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of their own team and competitors. In fact, there are a team of members in different football teams who focus in these analysis in foreign country.

LM: How important is a tool like LongoMatch on your daily work as a coach?

CYT: Match analysis is very important for strategy planning because it helps footballers to understand what strategy their competitors are using. For the training designed, coaches and footballers could evaluate from their mistakes in every match. Then they could be more focus on their weaknesses and improve. Most importantly, it would be more convincing when coaches point out the mistakes with videos.

LM: How or where did you first hear about LongoMatch?

CYT: Some friends recommended it.

LM: At what level you think LongoMatch has contributed to your success as a coach?

CYT: The software saves me a lot of time and makes the analysis more efficient.

LM: Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

CYT: I hope I could still be on the way of coaches development. This year is one of my milestones in my life. What I want to do now is to try my very best in my position, leading my team to achieve more accomplishments. In long term, i hope i could visit other countries with well developed football history, to learn more and to gain more.

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