Interview to Xavi Bravo

March 14, 2018, 9:35 a.m.

Interview to Xavi Bravo

Get to know better our ambassador Xavi Bravo and his work as coach in the FCB Academy using LongoMatch.

1.How has your new experience at the Barça Academy in USA been going?

Honestly, after almost two months in my new job, I can say that my experience has been really rewarding. The sports culture and environment of the country is really different to Hong Kong, for example. My duties are similar to my previous job in Hong Kong but they’re now more focused on educating players to play in FC Barcelona or, if that is not possible, prepare them for professional or university football teams.

In my opinion, when you arrive to a new country, you should try to adapt yourself to the country’s culture and to their own football culture. You also need to adapt to the training methodology of the technical staff and get to know the level of the teams and players.

2.You’ve been in Barcelona, Hong Kong and you are currently in Arizona, which differences or similarities did you find in the game?

When it comes to the matches, the intensity and rhythm in USA is higher than Hong Kong and a little lower than Spain/Europe. From what I’ve been able to see, the game here is very physical and direct, alternating possession phases when constructing the game (exits with the ball, for example). But, as soon as the players reach the midfield, everything speeds up, using several long passes and searching for empty spaces.

High quality players are extremely valued and can get numerous offers for scholarships in important universities. All of the players of our academy have received offers for the next season.

3.Is there a big analysis culture in the different places you have lived in? Do they value the importance of the analysis?

Analysis is always really important and, for me, is a key factor during the team training and specially to generate improvements for players as individuals. In fact, in USA, all players in D-Academy (Honor Division) must be recorded and uploaded to the cloud. This benefits every coach involved in the competition as it helps with scouting and analysis.

Nowadays analysis has a global presence, with good professionals and efficient tools, like LongoMatch, which make this possible.

4.How is your working methodology when analyzing a match at the Barça Academy?

Each coach makes a post-match analysis of the team and, at the same time, analyzes the opponent using, by downloading videos that are uploaded to the cloud.

Afterwards, each coach prepares two reports, one to share with the technical staff and the other to share with the players in the meeting before the match, all of this, using LongoMatch.

5.Do you see a growth in the field of football analysis?

Absolutely, nowadays there are multiple options to analyze matches but, from my point of view, the most important thing is that coaches have finally understood that video analysis is essential in our work.

It is for this reason that you can find professionals specialized in video analysis within a technical team in any semi-professional and professional teams.

6.Nowadays, which aspects of the game do you think are more relevant for the result of the match?

On one hand, the ability of each team to adapt and impose their idea/plan during the entire match. Players must have their game plan clear always, apply it and have the adequate players to execute it.

On the other hand, modern football teams are very much the same in terms of competitiveness. Is for that reason that having innate talented players in a team is going to make a big difference which also helps to understand the salaries they’re being paid.

7.What would you highlight from LongoMatch as an analysis tool?

I will highlight that is very user-friendly. You don’t need much training to be able to get the most of it and start to analyze a match with a basic template. Little by little this template gets more specific and custom to each technical staff.

Using LongoMatch as a presentation tool saves me a lot of steps and makes the process much more easy.