Interview with Fabiola Vargas from Necaxa

Sept. 12, 2018, 5:01 p.m.

Interview with Fabiola Vargas from Necaxa

1- How did you get started as Professional Coach? I started out with the female team at a local league and collaborating as technical assistant at a University while I was studying to become a Professional Technical Director.

2- With you at the Necaxa, a new era has begun, what do you expect from this project? It’s a great challenge and I’m taking it very seriously: I feel a great deal of responsibility but I am also motivated. I want my team to have its own playing style, really know their game, think. A team with a personality who knows how to play any rival.

3- Do you think the Mexican female football is growing in importance? Of course, its growth is palpable. At a National level, we are at an important developing stage: the daily training, the high performance, the tactical order… everything spanning professional football is making a huge difference. Our national teams will benefit from this and this will reflect favorably on international tournaments.

4- What is more important to you during the analysis process, analyzing your own team or the rival’s? Both. It’s important to analyze the rival, but to keep growing, it’s also important to recognize our own areas of improvement.

5- How do you organize your analysis process during competition weeks? Once I receive the video of the game, I start with the analysis of my team se we focus on our opportunity areas and keep improving these aspects. Then I analyze the rival’s 2 last matches at least one training session before the match. We analyze their playing system, their movements when they are in possession of the ball -and when they’re not, the key players, fix tactics both in favor and against…

6- What’s the most remarkable thing about LongoMatch? It’s so user friendly! It makes it easier to analyze videos and then pass the key points forward to the players to understand the rival and our own game.