How the Hungarian Fencing Team used LongoMatch Pro in Rio 2016

Nov. 29, 2016, 4:11 p.m.

How the Hungarian Fencing Team used LongoMatch Pro in Rio 2016

There is no doubt that, in terms of sports competitions, the Olympic Games in Rio have been the most important event of 2016. More than 11,000 athletes representing 205 nations gathered to compete in 42 sport disciplines. It was all about hard work, persistence and getting ready to fight against the best to secure a place at the podium. In order to get there, athletes and coaches had to conduct a thorough analysis of their strategy but also, make an in-depth study of their rivals. After years of immeasurable efforts and with the help of LongoMatch PRO, the Hungarian Fencing Federation achieved impressive results: a Silver and a Bronze medal.

Serra Bendegúz, Technical Director of the Fencing Club, received a call from the Team Captain of the Hungarian Fencing Federation asking for his help to exhaustively analyze the fencers and their opponents in order to help them Hungarian team succeed.

We had the opportunity to talk to Bendegúz who explained us the importance of using LongoMatch PRO during his preparation for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

When did you first hear about LongoMatch PRO?
SB: At the final part of the preparation in the Olympic Games in Rio, the Team Captain asked me to analyze technical aspects of the Korean team, which was our first opponent. I had to find a solution to analyze our opponents and get statistics. In fencing we normally use a common video player to do so, but it is not suitable to conduct a deeper analysis.

I had never used a software like LongoMatch PRO before. I explored the market to find a useful tool to do the analytics work. I tried many softwares but finally I chose LongoMatch PRO.

What is the importance of technology in a sport like fencing?
SB: It is extremely important. Unlike other sports, fencing as a discipline does not have a lot of budget this is why the development of this sport is slower than others. We realized that it was very important to use analyzing tools to help us move forward quicker. Our Federation now understands that it is better to use a high-performance analysis software such as LongoMatch PRO.

What is your general tactics methodology and how important do you think video analysis is to achieve it?
SB: During the Olympic preparation, I decided to acquire LongoMatch for our team (Fencing Club of Debrecen) mainly to analyze our opponents and get their statistics.

I use LongoMatch with 3 different objectives in mind:

One of them to educate the beginner fencers. We create short presentations to demonstrate the basic movements and tactics.

The second is for the advanced fencers where the athletes code their matches after the competitions. They learn tactics and they can also analyze their opponents.

Finally, the 3rd aspect for the elite fencers is to examine in more depth the opponent’s tactics which is really important in our sport.

What are the features that you use most?
SB: We use LongoMatch PRO for the elite fencers in the Olympic Team. We analyzed many aspects and coded many actions. We made statistics of the opponent's actions too. There are a lot of functions which are really useful in LongoMatch PRO like the video player, the zooming function or the one click speed control. The drawing tool was really important for us too.

Would you recommend LongoMatch PRO to a colleague?
SB: Yes, of course. I have already done.

Do you think video analysis helped achieve good results at Rio's Olympic Games?
SB: We used LongoMatch PRO for the preparation of the men epeé team. For the individual category Géza Imre won the Silver medal and on the team category the Hungarian team won the Bronze medal. The athletes appreciated the added value of the video analysis very much.

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