Fluendo launches LongoMatch PRO with monthly payment option

June 14, 2016, 4:41 p.m.

Fluendo launches LongoMatch PRO with monthly payment option

Thanks to the new payment options -monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually- LongoMatch PRO is now more accessible for lower budgets, allowing amateur coaches and video analysts to have the same sports video analysis tool used by elite teams.

For 60 euros/month (or US Dollars), sports fans can start using the program used by national teams and important clubs in Europe, Asia and America. Schools coaches and semi-professional teams that want to increase their competitiveness can also benefit from the new pricing policy.

LongoMatch PRO is also available for 550 euros per year, 300 euros per semester or 165 euros per quarter (or US Dollars). One of the main advantages is that users can only pay for the period they need the license (periods previously mentioned).

"We are committed to sport improvement. We have listened to the needs of our users and have facilitated access to the program with greater pricing flexibility, "says Mercè Delgado, CEO of Fluendo. "LongoMatch PRO helps national teams, such as the Spanish handball or rugby ones, to improve their individual and collective performance."

As part of its commitment of facilitating the use of video analysis, Fluendo also launched in late May Tag2Win a free application that synchronises with LongoMatch PRO and allows live record and games analysis with a tablet saving time to coaches and video analysts.

With more than 6,000 users worldwide,LongoMatch PRO is a powerful, intuitive and customizable tool that allows video analysts and coaches of any team analyze both their own staff as the foibles of their rivals. It eases the creation of playlists and presentations filtered by each type of action, player and competition, and it also generates statistics to be shared with the team. LongoMatch PRO allows saving the historical tracking of team performance by creates a database that lingers and can be reused over time. The tool also fulfills three basic needs: saves analysis time, facilitates the work of the technical team and provides information about the evolution of performance over time.