An interview to Leen Den Boer

Jan. 15, 2018, 12:46 p.m.

An interview to Leen Den Boer

An image is worth more than a 1000 words: Interviewing Leen der Boer, video analyst of the Almere City Football Club

1. How did you start your career as video analyst? Briefly explain your experience:

Nearly 3 years ago I started to analyze matches at my local football club with the free version of Longomatch. At the same time I started as volunteer at NEC Nijmegen with another program, as I was unemployed on that moment.

I work now 1,5 year full time as video analyst at Almere City FC, and I still use video analysis at my local club VV Zeewolde.

2. Which are your objectives for the Almere City this season?

Almere City FC has achieved in the last 3 years, the promotion matches from the Jupiler League in Holland after the regular season and the goal is this year the same, but we want to get to, at least, the semi-finals of the promotion matches.

We also use LongoMatch for the youth teams. Our goal here is to help grow and improve the individual players’ performance with the help of a video analysis tool like LongoMatch. We are working with 3 full-time employees in the video analysis department and my goal is to increase the department.

3. How do you organise your week work with the Almere City?

Every Saturday, Sunday and Monday we get the match videos and I divide them between my colleague who perform video analysis tasks.

When we have matches with the first team I work with Tag2win and, once the match is finished, I send the coded images to the Coach Jack de Gier. He then has all the coded images to review them in the bus on the way home or on a Saturday morning in the team talk after the game.

On Monday and Tuesday we make the individual analysis of the different players and actions from all the Almere City teams with LongoMatch.

On Wednesday I prepare a report with all of the standard situations from the opponents that we’re going to play against, as we have a training on Thursday with the players.

4. From your point of view, which is more important, the analysis of your team or the analysis of the opponent?

The analysis of the individual youth players is very important for our academy. We want to show our talents what they are doing well and where they have to improve.

For the first team, the analysis of our opponent is very important, as we show the players where we have opportunities to win the matches.

5. In your club, what’s the most important, be loyal to your team’s playing style or achieving the victory regardless of the playing style? Explain your choice.

Our playing style, for the first team, is very important, we always start the matches with our strengths. If you believe in your strengths, you have always a chance to win matches.

6. How important is video analysis in the Dutch Football?

Video analysis is getting more and more important. Amateur football clubs are investing in camera systems and professional football clubs are investing in complete video surrounding systems.

Being able to point out strengths and weaknesses to our players, provides them with fantastic growth opportunities.

In the Netherlands we say that one image is worth more than 1000 words.

7. What do you like about working with LongoMatch?

LongoMatch is a user friendly system which is easy to understand on your own, but for our club, the Almere City, the service is also important.

All the available YouTube videos with instructions are very helpful as well.

The free version, is a very good way to get started with video analysis.

Another thing which is very user friendly is the drawing tool, together with the playlists and the zoom function. This makes all together a complete program.

The use of Tag2win during the half time helps us influence the team results in the second half.

8. Would you recommend LongoMatch to other users?

LongoMatch is a top tool for clubs which have limited investment opportunities and want to start with video analysis. I already helped some amateur clubs in Holland with this software, and Dotcomsport, the leading player following system, has already achieved a connection for the xml codes from Longomatch.