Tactical Analysis River Plate vs Independiente Copa Libertadores

Oct. 11, 2018, 12:14 p.m.

Tactical Analysis River Plate vs Independiente Copa Libertadores

Tactical Analysis River Plate vs Independiente

Marcelo Gallardo’s team keeps adding important victories to their race in the Libertadores and hasn’t been defeated in any official match since February 24, with 32 triumphs in a row. Among these victorious matches, the match the team played against Independiente allowed them to get to the semifinals to be only two matches away from the Libertadores' finals -a competition they won three years ago and that team is eager to achieve this year.

The possession of the ball was divided between the two teams, but River got the upper hand shooting 15 times to their rival goal -as opposed to Independiente, shooting only 7 times. Clearly, most of the opportunities were for River and they eventually translated into their victory.

Offensive Phase

River Plate followed a 1-4-3-3 scheme on the field basing its strength on the upper field players: Scocco, Borré and Pratto, purely offensive forwards with an outstanding capacity to endanger the rival field with their actions. The three of them were very closed together, in the inner zone of the field and near the three Independiente’s central defenders. This fact translated into fierce individual fights, but River forwards had the advantage most of the times.

Defensive Phase

This tactical disposition consisted in 3 players located upfield to exercise pressure on the three defenders when Independiente tried to play the ball out of their field. River obstructed Independiente’s way out, always playing towards the sidelines and then pursue them relentlessly.

Another factor was that River was always after the ball whenever they’d lose it. This way they managed to make Independiente uncomfortable, especially during the last minutes and ultimately scoring the goal that gave them pass to the semifinals.

Marcelo Gallardo’s team is competitive, with clear ideas and willing to sacrifice when it comes to defending. These facts plus the quality of its players and their capacity to score add up to make a very complete team who is now awaiting the hard semifinals against the current champion. We will definitely follow up on this tournament to bring you the match analyses!

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